Getting A Headshot? 5 Tips About What To Wear

Posted on: 10 January 2017

As an actor or actress, your headshot is the first impression that you make on a casting director. That's why it's so important that your headshot looks great. What you wear can say a lot about you, so follow these tips for to ensure that your headshot is memorable.

Wear Complimenting Colors

A mistake that can be made is wearing a color that is too close to your skin tone, rather than complimenting it. For instance, white colors on somebody that is Caucasian can look too similar. Bold colors also won't look good on most people. Instead, try to find colors that compliment your hair and eye color to really make them stand out. Creating contrast will go a long way.

Avoid Bare Arms

Even though the focus is on your face, it helps to wear an outfit that covers your arms. Bare arms can look awkward in a headshot, so it is best to wear something with long sleeves. Short sleeves for an undershirt is fine, just as long as you have something that is covering it up like a jacket or blazer.

Wear Solid Colors

While a bit of texture is okay in a top, you should not wear any colors that are very busy looking. They will simply look distracting, and could put too much focus on the outfit rather than you. You want people to remember what you look like, not that you wore a shirt with polka dots on it.

Avoid Flashy Jewelry

Another clothing item that can be distracting is jewelry, especially if it is flashy. Try to avoid wearing anything that is overly reflective, since it will stand out in your headshot photos. For earrings, don't wear anything that dangles too much that it will be the focus of your photos.

Bring Plenty of Options

Don't make the mistake of only bringing one outfit to your headshot photo shoot. For starters, you never know when you are going to accidentally spill something on yourself and ruin your outfit. Without a backup outfit in mind, you will be scrambling to find anything right before your photo is taken. It is also good to have multiple outfits for the sake of variety. Don't just swap out colors either, since you should be picking outfits that tell different stories.

These are just a few tips that can help make some great headshots. For more tips, ask a photographer like Holly Kuper Photography prior to your photo session.