Ask For Close-Up Shots Of These Areas During Your Newborn Photo Shoot

Posted on: 3 October 2022

When you hire a photographer to shoot images of your newborn child, they'll capture the infant from all sorts of angles. You can expect a number of full-body shots of the child on their own and in your arms. You may even wish to think about posing the infant with an older sibling or your family pet. It's also a good idea to think about what close-up shots you may want the photographer to take. Any professional photographer will have access to various lenses that allow them to shoot specific things in good detail, and a few close-up images of your child can be shots that you treasure. Here are some ideas.


There's no denying that infants have cute feet. The small size of the feet, the wrinkly skin, and the tiny toenails are all cute details that you may want to capture before the child gets older. While the child's feet might be visible during certain full-body shots, don't be afraid to ask the photographer to take some close-up images of the baby's feet. Your photographer will likely set the focus so the feet are in focus and everything else is blurry, which can be an appealing visual effect.


Some infants have long eyelashes at an early age, while others grow longer eyelashes over time. If your child has pronounced eyelashes that you absolutely love, you might think about having your photographer capture some close-up shots of this part of the infant's body. An experienced newborn photographer can come up with several creative options to shoot this area. For example, they'll likely position themselves from the best angle and adjust the lighting in the room so that the length of your infant's eyelashes stands out.


For many parents, their infant's chubby cheeks are a favorite body part. As your child gets older, they'll typically lose this feature — which means that it can be special to capture it now in photos. Explain to your newborn photographer that you'd like some close-up shots that show your child's chubby cheeks. They'll have you position the infant in a manner that accentuates their cheeks and then position the camera from the best angle to show this body part. Be sure to explain that you want some close-up shots before you meet with your photographer, as this will ensure that they have the right lenses for this unique type of photography.

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