Elopement Photography: Should You Get Into This Niche?

Posted on: 3 June 2022

As a professional photographer, your goal is to reach as many clients as you can while filling a niche that isn't already flooded with competition. Wedding and family photography come to mind, but both of these areas of focus have many experts in photography working in them, and maybe even have many of them working in them in your area.

You can get into another type of wedding photography that can prove to be quite lucrative and fun for you: elopement photography. Should you get into this niche? It's wise to consider it, and here's why:

You fill a sub-category in the wedding niche

A growing category in the wedding niche is this — elopement. Many engaged couples choose to elope over getting traditionally married and having large weddings. This is done because eloping can be cheaper, less timely to plan, and can ease the stress on both the bride and groom. Eloping is also fun and spontaneous for some couples, adding to the allure of doing it.

When you do elopement photography, you help these couples not only have a great wedding experience but remember it well as well. You fill a growing niche that may not have a lot of competition, and you can meet couples in unique and fun locations to make their elopement day complete.

You work in a profitable wedding niche

As a professional photographer, you need to think about profits at some point, so focus on this when you think of elopement photography: the money you can potentially make. Since elopements typically cost less than traditional weddings, the bride and groom likely have more money to spend on their photography needs. This means they can not only afford larger wedding photo packages, but they can also have other photos done as well, such as honeymoon photos or even bridal shots.

If you are the photographer of choice for a couple's elopement photos, you may be able to do many more photos for them as well. This makes for a happier and more satisfied bride and groom because all their photography needs are being met by one professional.

Elopement photography can be a great niche for you to fill if you are wanting to stand out among other wedding photographers. Make elopement photography your main focus and you can thrive in your business in many ways. Explore the growing trends in elopements among couples and you'll see why.