Have Social Anxiety? Three Tips for Hiring the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Posted on: 20 December 2021

An essential component of most weddings and receptions is a photographer who captures everything on camera. However, while you may look forward to getting married, you may feel slightly concerned about the day and working with a photographer because of social anxiety.

The great thing is that you can find more than accommodating professionals and that you will feel comfortable having them at your wedding. Knowing what to do when you are ready to hire a wedding photographer will help you choose someone with confidence.

Photographer Bio

An excellent place to start is with photographer bios that you can typically find on websites or social media accounts. The bio can give you valuable information about a professional that may either push you away or draw you closer to someone. Some essential details you can learn about include their attitude, hometown, family, hobbies, similarities, and life experiences.

Gathering all this information will help you decide whom you want to keep looking at and whom you want to scratch off the list. For instance, maybe you find a photographer who grew up in your hometown. You may feel confident about connecting through that similarity. Once you find a few possible candidates, you can move on to the next part of the hiring process.


Go through each portfolio to learn everything about a photographer's style and preferences. Dig deeper by going through social media accounts to check out other photos because you may find dozens or hundreds that are not on their portfolio.

While analyzing these photos, you want to check out everyone's expressions and whether they look comfortable. An understanding and personable photographer will ensure everyone feels comfortable whether they take a planned photo or take candid shots at random.


Whether you nail down your list to one, two, or even three photographers, you want to meet with all of them before making any commitments. This process is vital because a good bio and portfolio do not mean much if you feel uncomfortable. A café or coffee shop is a great place to meet because the people and environment can reduce anxious feelings.

Write down a list of what you want from your photographer and your wedding so that a professional can take the right approach. Consider taking notes during each meeting and even include how you feel about each photographer to help you make a final decision later.

Use these tips to help you hire a professional so your wedding photography turns out just how you want it.