4 Reasons To Order Professional Headshots For Your Staff

Posted on: 23 July 2021

Should your small business take professional headshots of staff members? Many small business owners know the value of taking and using business photos of themselves as a promotional and branding element, but have you considered the importance of adding other staff members' photos? And the value of using professionals to take all your headshots? Here are a few reasons to order photos from a pro. 

1. Professional Photos Are Unified

When you ask employees to provide their own photos for the company, you'll end up with a wide array of styles, backgrounds, angles, heights, colors, and clothing choices. Some may be professional while others are much less so. But it will all lack cohesion and planning, making your business look unprofessional and unmanaged. Make this a company project with a  company photographer for better results. 

2. Professional Photos Humanize Staff

Customers, vendors, and investors like to know with whom they're be working. So your headshots serve as an introduction of sorts. They are a first impression that can help people to relax as they see the warm and professional smiles of your valued employees. The pictures can also provide hints of the personalities of personnel, further breaking the ice. And a professional photographer will be able to draw out the best in your employees' photo sessions. 

3. Professional Photos Can Be Used Everywhere

Think beyond your main reason to take these particular pictures. While you may want them for the waiting room, you can then display them in many areas of the business. They might find their way to company flyers and brochures, on business cards, on official company websites and social media pages, and in welcome packets. And perhaps just as importantly, you can ask employees to use these approved, high-quality photos in some of their own social media accounts which may link to their professional life.  

4. Professional Photos Show Appreciation

Employees themselves may not always enjoy the actual process of taking headshots, but they do appreciate the sentiment behind them. When you want to use their faces, accomplishments, and personalities to attract clients, you show that the company values them. It's an underutilized way to thank them for investing themselves into your company and can even help them take ownership of its work and reputation. 

Where Should You Learn More?

Want to know more about ordering, using, and designing quality headshots? Meet with a professional who provides headshot photography in your area to discuss your goals, branding, and budget today. Their expertise will help you craft just the right image for your company and its valued staff.