Professional Headshots for Your Business: How to Get Ready For the Photoshoot

Posted on: 7 June 2021

When your business needs professional headshots of you and your employees, do you need to do anything specific to prepare for the photography session? There are a few things to consider, although one of the more important things to remember is that it's possible to overthink it, which can shift the tone of the photos to one which might not accurately reflect your business. 

Corporate Photos

It's important to remember that these headshots are corporate photos. They're not a fashion editorial, nor are they glamour headshots. This doesn't mean that the end result will be basic—something that could easily be replicated with a smartphone camera, but they will have a deliberate simplicity. You're showcasing yourself and your employees in order to put a human face on your operations, creating a link with your clients. This means that it's important not to go overboard with your objectives.

For Marketing Purposes

The headshots will be used on your website and other marketing materials, and while they should present their subjects in the best possible light, the end result should be naturalistic. As such, there are a few considerations you should pass onto your employees prior to the photography session.


Clothing should be something that would ordinarily be worn at work (which might even be a uniform). You or your employees shouldn't dress up or dress down for the photoshoot, and it's important that clothing is an approximation of what you might be wearing when clients meet you in person.


Since the photo may be in use for years, some employees might be tempted to change their hairstyle. This is unnecessary, and can backfire. Sometimes freshly cut and colored hair can look just that—obviously freshly cut and colored. As per your wardrobe choice, hair should be neat and presentable, but any last minute changes for the sake of the photoshoot should be avoided.


The photographer may have a makeup artist on staff. Any makeup applied for the shoot will be minimal, and will only be used to even out skin tones and cover any blemishes. However, these issues can also be corrected using digital retouching after the photos have been taken. When there's no makeup artist for the shoot, you and your employees should think about what they consider to be a standard level of makeup. If a certain amount of makeup is worn for work, then this will be appropriate. It's important to look as you would at work, rather than you would on a night out.

Beyond these basic guidelines, it's just a matter of following the photographer's instructions. They'll guide you with regards to the best pose and posture, and you'll very quickly have a selection of professional headshots of yourself and your team.

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