Booking A Photographer For A Winter Wedding? Three Things To Ask First

Posted on: 27 December 2019

Hiring a wedding photographer can be one of the most important parts of planning a wedding since the photographs will be mementos that you'll look back on for years to come. Instead of picking out a photographer based only on their rates or portfolio, you'll need to look into a few more details when choosing a photographer based around the weather.

When your wedding is being held during the winter, the following questions can all help lead you towards the ideal photographer.

Flexibility with the Weather

When your wedding is being held during the winter, the weather may not cooperate and the unexpected could occur. From frigid temperatures and heavy winds to snowfall, taking photographs during the winter can come with some challenges.

Speaking with different photographers and asking about their experience with shooting during the winter can give you a better idea of whether the photographs will turn out well and if they're prepared for some of the common issues that can arise.

Equipment for Colder Temps

While the photographer may be willing to work with photos during the warmer days, you'll need to be prepared to choose a photographer that has the right equipment. When it's quite cold out, the photographer will likely need to wear gloves and carry cleaning supplies to wipe down the camera in the event of snow.

Checking if the photographer is properly equipped to be shooting during the winter can ensure that the photography will turn out well and that there won't be any delays when taking photos due to issues with the equipment. While this is most important for outdoor wedding venues, it's important to consider regardless of the venue.

Availability During the Holidays

With a wedding that's being held during winter, there's the chance that most photographers are quite busy due to the holidays bringing about a demand for having photos done. Instead of putting off scheduling the photographer, you'll want to get started and reach out to more photographers to find a great fit that's going to be available, even with the busy holiday schedule.

As you prepare for having photos taken, you'll want to see what to look for to make sure that the photos turn out well and you won't be sacrificing what's important to you when choosing a photographer. With the above questions to ask and issues to consider, it should be much easier to select a photographer you'll be happy working with.