Decorating Your House? 3 Types Of Artwork To Choose From

Posted on: 20 February 2019

Decorating your house can be both really fun and really stressful at the same time. After you have chosen a new paint color, new flooring, lighting, and furniture, the last thing that you have to choose is artwork. Before you go out to a discount home decor store and choose just about anything to hang up, this article will list three specific types of artwork for you to consider choosing from. Read on to learn some more. 

Travel Photography

If you and your family like to travel a lot, then consider getting some season travel photography prints to hang up on your walls. Whether you want to hang up some of your own photographs that you have taken while traveling or if you just want to buy some of your own, make sure that you choose some summer or fall photography that really speaks to your heart and tells a story. One of the most fun things about photography is that you can create just about any decor feel with it and you won't have to feel pinned down. 

Oil Paintings

If you are more of the painting type, then consider getting some oil paintings to hang in your house. Depending on the artist that you go with, oil paintings can be really expensive, but they can also make a really big statement. If you don't have a lot of money to spend on oil paintings right now, consider getting just one piece right now and then slowly building up your collection over the next few years. The fun thing about collecting artwork slowly is that it can turn into a hobby that you and your spouse do together. 

Modern Artwork

Whether you like oil painting, mixed media pieces, or acrylic paintings, if you like modern art, you can definitely make a stamen in your house with it. The fun thing about modern art is that it's all so different and there doesn't have to be a theme, so you can pick just about anything and mix it together. Plus, if you find a local modern artist near you, they can make some paintings for you that match you style and design taste. 

Having a home filled with artwork that represents you and your taste is something worth bragging about. Rather than hanging up pieces that don't have any sentiment or value, make sure that you spend some time and thought in curating artwork for your home that's meaningful.