Talk To Your Wedding Photographer About Getting These Shots At A Nearby Comic-Con

Posted on: 5 December 2018

When you've chosen your wedding venue and are thinking about having your wedding photos taken between your ceremony and reception, it's advantageous to consider what attractions are located nearby and that might serve as effective photo backdrops. While lots of couples will want to visit picturesque areas around their wedding venue for the photos, there are other approaches that you can take. One idea is to see if a comic-con event is taking place in the area. If you're a fan of these events, you might find that it will be fun to visit with your lifestyle wedding photographer to capture some memorable images. Here are some shots to go for.

Running From Creatures

Comic-cons are known for having their participants dress up in a variety of costumes, so one photo idea is to find some comic-con attendees who are dressed in a scary manner — monsters, zombies, aliens, or something similar. You and your new spouse can then pose as though you're running from these creatures, and then can position themselves behind you as though they're giving chase. A creative photographer can set up a captivating image in this manner, which may end up being one of your favorite wedding photos.

Protected By Guards

People also dress up as different types of futuristic when they attend comic-con events. A common example is characters from the Star Wars franchise — participants will often wear storm trooper costumes and march around the event. You can almost certainly find some comic-con attendees dressed in this manner, and then recruit them to stand guard beside you. Have you and your spouse standing together, with a handful of storm troopers positioned around you as though they're protecting you. You can even pose in an embrace while the guards watch out for you.

Posing With Weapons

Comic-con participants often carry weapons as part of their outfits, so you can ask a few people to borrow their implements for a few minutes to pose with them. You can go in a number of different directions in this manner, including posing with swords and other historic weapons, light sabers, laser guns, and other futuristic weapons, and many other choices in between. It can make for a funny visual to see you and your spouse in your wedding attire but holding these weapons. The right wedding photographer — one who is up for unconventional shots such as these — will be enthusiastic about capturing these unique images for you on your big day.