Three Captivating Shots That Involve A Streetcar

Posted on: 26 September 2018

If you're shooting a wedding in a city that has streetcars, and your subjects are up for the idea, you've got a perfect prop that can create a series of captivating images. Of course, you'll need to assess the distance between the nearest streetcar track or depot and the wedding/reception venue, but if the logistics make sense, you can visit a streetcar with the happy couple during the photo shoot that takes place between the ceremony and reception. Here are three wedding photography shots that you can pursue with this large-scale prop.

Kissing At The Door

There's a certain romance that comes with riding a streetcar, and you can set up a pose that captures this idea. One way to go about it is to have your bride and groom kissing at the door. They could both be standing on the bottom step of the streetcar, or one could be in the streetcar with the other standing at the curb and holding their spouse an embrace. This type of image can work even better if the streetcar itself has a retro appearance to it, and you can print the image in black and white or sepia for a vintage feel.

Waving Out The Window

In decades past, celebrities would often travel by rail and greet adoring mobs at train stations. You can set up an image that pays homage to this idea by having your bride and groom position themselves inside the streetcar with you outside of it. Have each of them lower their windows and wave while you shoot frames. If you want to get members of the wedding group involved, or perhaps even shoot some passersby, have them stand at the end of the road and wave back. Shoot from behind the group so that their waving hands are visible, but keep your bride and groom in focus.

Behind The Wheel

Some couples bristle at silly wedding photos, but others love them. If your subjects fall into the latter category, you might want to set up an image in which either the bride or the groom is seated in the driver's seat of the streetcar and is pretending to drive it. (Such a pose is more likely to be possible when you schedule a visit at a depot, rather than hop onto a streetcar as it passes.) If you want to get really fun, you could have the other partner in front of the streetcar and posing as though he or she is running away.