How To Design The Perfect Custom Photography Backdrop For Your Wedding

Posted on: 18 August 2018

You might have wanted to have a beach wedding, or perhaps your planned destination was Paris but it was too much to ask everyone you wanted to invite to head to Europe. Instead, you can bring the ambiance to just about any place in the world by creating custom designed photography backdrops for you and your guests to take selfies or professional photos in front of.

If you are looking for a unique look that will appeal to everyone including yourself for your wedding photos, you can add backdrops either for the ceremony or your reception and make you feel like you are actually at an exotic locale. How do you design the perfect custom photography backdrop for your wedding? Just follow a few simple tips.

Keep It Simple

When designing a custom backdrop to take pictures with, the main thing to remember is to keep it as simple as possible. While it might be a neat idea to have a backdrop with busy Times Square and a million people in the shot, it will take away from you and anyone who wants a picture there. Instead, choose Times Square at night, when the area is almost empty. Or, if you choose a beach scene, make it a private, exclusive beach in which you look like it's just you and your spouse there.

You don't want your backdrop to take away from your photos; they are there to add ambiance, not to overpower the scene.

Theme the Wedding to Fit

It's a good idea that if you want to have a Paris backdrop for your pictures then why not theme your wedding to that end? You could decorate your ceremony in a similar style to Notre Dame using prop gargoyles at the entrance to the church, or you could serve French cuisine at your reception so that the entire wedding has a Paris feel.

You can have your backdrops look like popular destinations around Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, or it can look like you had a fantastic destination wedding in Nice. If you theme your wedding around your backdrop, you can get more of the feeling of actually being there.

Phrases Can Be Used

You might have a favorite quote or saying that best defines your relationship or your relationships with the people who are at your wedding. It's a great idea to use phrases or words on your backdrop, too. It can make your photos mean all that much more. Simply place them along the top of the backdrop or along the sides so it gives you a place to stand and not block your wording.