Offer Complimentary Headshots For Women Facing Cancer Battles

Posted on: 16 July 2018

If you're a professional photographer, it's nice to be able to use your skills to give back to people in your community. Offering certain sessions for free is not only a nice gesture but can also improve your reputation in the area, which can be good for your business. 

One idea to explore is to offer complimentary headshots for women who are facing battles with cancer. You can speak to each client and approach the headshot in a manner that suits her. Here are some ideas that you can pursue.

Before Or After Hair Loss 

One of the reasons that battling cancer is deeply traumatic for women is that many of them lose their hair during chemotherapy. This physical change can leave them feeling vulnerable and sometimes not feeling like themselves. You can help them in a couple of different ways in such a scenario. Some women will want a headshot taken before they lose their hair. 

This photograph may then serve as an inspiration to conquer cancer and get back to the way they used to look. Other women may seek to embrace their baldness and would enjoy headshots without their hair — either with a wig, with a head scarft, or even with their bald head. Regardless of how you approach the photo shoot, you'll be offering the women an empowering image.

In A Location That Encourages Them

Women who are facing a cancer battle will often feel encouraged, and you want your headshots to provide some encouragement. Talk to the women about shooting them in a location that encourages them. Perhaps a woman has enjoyed kayaking at the local lake but won't be able to do so as her body weakens during her fight against the disease. Taking her headshot while she stands on the dock of the kayak club can help her to remember the activity that she'll enjoy upon winning her cancer battle.

Partnership With A Makeup Artist

You may wish to think about contacting a local makeup artist and having her donate her services for free on the day of your photo shoot. Like you, the artist will hopefully jump at the opportunity to help others while also boosting her reputation in the community. The makeup artist can pamper the women by making them up however they want to look in advance of their headshots. Following a cancer-free diagnosis, you may find that some women contact you to tell you how much your headshot has encouraged them.