Poses To Avoid When You Shoot Corporate Photographs

Posted on: 19 June 2018

Many professional photographers have the opportunity to shoot corporate photographs. Specific assignments of this nature can vary, but capturing images of various companies' executives is a common job. There are many different factors to consider when you shoot photos of this nature, including how your subjects pose. Each person you shoot may have a specific idea about how he or she wishes to pose, and while the client should always get the final say, you shouldn't hesitate to share your thoughts in this area. As a corporate photographer there are several poses that are best to avoid when you shoot corporate photos, including the following:

Arms Crossed

Some corporate clients might express an interest in posing with their arms crossed.Your clients may believe that doing so can make them appear strong and confident. While this might be partially true, there's also a downside to posing in this manner: posing with his or her arms crossed can make someone appear closed off. A common body language cue to watch when conversing with someone is when he or she has his or her arms crossed. This can make the person appear defensive. This isn't the image you want to have in your corporate photo shoot.


Other clients may feel as though pointing at you as you take their photo is a good idea. They may think that this pose makes them appear confident and outgoing — essentially sending a message of "You are the right client for me" or something comparative. What might not be in a client's mind, however, is the fact that pointing in a photo can seem rude. A prospective customer or client may feel as though the person in the photo is being aggressive, and this can definitely be a turnoff.

Adjusting Clothing

You'll also often see photos of corporate types adjusting a piece of clothing. For example, a man may be photographed while tightening his tie knot or adjusting a cuff link. A businessman who wishes to be photographed in such a pose may think that the image will show him to be powerful, established, and rich. These things may indeed be true, but people who view the photo may see different traits. Someone viewing the photo may think that the person appears arrogant or too focused on appearances instead of being focused on his or her clients. While it's important to confer with your corporate clients to ascertain what they want, don't be afraid to warn them about these poses and suggest poses that are more suitable.