Ways To Encourage More Social Media Involvement When You Rent A Wedding Photo Booth

Posted on: 26 April 2018

A big part of the fun when you rent a photo booth for your wedding is the attendees making funny poses or perhaps using entertaining props before getting their photos taken, but it's also enjoyable for others to see these images online. When wedding guests share their zany photos on social media, other people who know you but may not be able to attend your wedding will get to enjoy the images and almost feel as though they're there celebrating with you. Some guests will instinctively share the photo booth images on social media, but you should consider some ways to encourage more of this behavior. Here are some ideas.

Set Up A Mobile Hotspot

Sometimes, wedding attendees may be reluctant to share a lot of the photos on social media right away, given that they'll be using their smartphone data to do so. Many wedding venues have Wi-Fi connections that your guests can connect to, but this isn't always the case. You can address this issue by buying and setting up a mobile hotspot in the wedding venue — and making sure that all of your guests know its password. This way, as your guests get their photos from the photo booth, they'll be more excited to share them on social media.

Choose And Announce A Hashtag

People often get more excited about using social media when they can use a hashtag to see associated content. Many couples who are getting married will create hashtags that their guests can use while uploading images, including those from the photo booth, to social media. You can have fun incorporating your names and perhaps other relevant details to create a unique hashtag. For example, you might choose #JennyRyanBeachBash if you're having a beach wedding. Make up signs and post them around the venue, including next to the photo booth, to remember people to use the hashtag.

Show Images On A Screen

If you can set up a screen somewhere in the reception venue, your wedding photo booth provider may be able to offer some way of connecting the images being taken in the booth to the screen. People who might not otherwise immediately go to the booth may start to see the images on the screen and immediately be drawn to take part in the fun. This can be a perfect way to raise engagement about this idea and elevate the enjoyment that people have of your wedding.