Rain Or Shine: Wedding Day Photography Regardless Of Weather And How It's Done

Posted on: 20 March 2018

There is an old saying that if it rains on your wedding day, you will be miserable every day that you are married. Considering the fact that the rain itself is making a mess of your photography plans, you may be slightly inclined to believe it. However, if you find a photographer that knows how to to do "rain or shine" pictures, you can still have fantastic outdoor wedding photos. Here is how.

Skylight Filters Protect the Camera Lenses

A good photographer will always protect the lenses on his/her cameras using skylight filters. These filters do not do much of anything beyond protecting the inner workings of the camera and keeping rain drops out of the photo scenes. It is a step in the right direction for raindrop-free photos.

Open Canopies, Gazebos, Tarps, Etc.

Your photographer will also undoubtedly scope out many romantic places where an outdoor photo shoot will not be hampered by a little rain. Any areas that do not have a gazebo or other structure in place can still be used when your photographer sets up open tent canopies or hangs silk tarps in place overhead. Your wedding clothes might get a few drops on them going from one location to the next, but you will not be soaking wet and standing out in the open rain to take pictures.

Creating Light Where There Is None

Of course you do not want wedding photos to appear overcast, dark, and/or gloomy. You want some bright light as though there is sunshine. Do not worry. Your photographer has a set of filters and lighting equipment that can totally alter the lighting situation such that you and your newlywed spouse will appear in total bliss in sunshine. Yes, it can be done, so be sure to ask for it!

Shooting with Umbrellas Can Be Romantic Too!

There are some old French films, paintings, and photographs depicting lovers in the rain under brightly-colored umbrellas. If you would like to try shooting some photographs this way, you can shoot them whether or not it is raining! You will need to give your umbrellas to your photographer prior to the big day, and inform him/her what the umbrellas are for. He or she will need to bring the umbrellas with on that day. This is also a useful approach to staying dry while moving between shooting locations, if your wedding day has to be rainy.

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