Getting Married? How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer

Posted on: 20 February 2018

Your wedding day is bound to be one of the most defining moments of your life. Joining yourself to another person in matrimony is very special because not everyone is lucky enough to find that special someone. Because the day can go by in such a flurry of activity, you will largely rely on the pictures taken by your photographer to look back and see just how beautiful the event truly was. The wedding photographer is a very important part of any wedding celebration and should be chosen with great care. If you want to select the right wedding photographer, here are a few of the things to look for.

Real-Time Photos Are The Real Test

Nearly anyone can pick up a camera, pile everyone in a room together, invite them to say "cheese," and snap a decent-looking photo. Lots of people have been doing this since they were quite young, so it definitely isn't something that necessarily requires a lot of skill.

The real test of whether or not someone is a good photographer can almost always be found by looking at the unstaged pictures that they take. It takes a great eye and sharp thinking to know which angles are going to look the best when a real-time picture is developed. These are the kinds of photos that will truly bring back those wonderful memories that you and your spouse can look at over the years.

When you're going through the portfolio of any potential wedding photographer, see if they place a focus on staged or real-time pictures. There's nothing quite like catching Grandma in mid-step as she dances at the reception or capturing an image of the loving look passed between the two partners as they get ready to leave for the honeymoon.

Notice How You Feel Around The Person

The photographer that you select is going to be in some very intimate situations with you and your wedding party. You want someone who knows how to toe the line between taking pictures and giving you the space you'll need to relish the day. 

Pay careful attention to how you feel around any potential photographers like those at LifeLong Photography Studio. Do they put you at ease or do you find that you're a bit on edge? Go with the person who has a comfortable presence that you won't mind having in your environment for a few hours.

Take the task of finding a wedding photographer as seriously as you would a job interview with a major company. If you approach the process from this standpoint, it's almost impossible to go wrong.