Excellent Photos Are The Fastest Way To Attract Home Buyers: Here's What To Look For In An Interior Photographer's Portfolio

Posted on: 27 December 2017

With most buyers looking online to view homes for sale, uploading striking interior photos of the home is a great way to attract potential buyers. Although you don't want to misrepresent the space to your clients, it's important to hire a skilled interior photographer that makes the home look its absolute best. Taking interior photos requires skill in interior design and architecture, as photographers will need to move furniture to produce the best interior shots. For best results, the home should appear uncluttered but also lived-in. When you're reviewing a potential interior photographer's portfolio, here's what to look for to ensure that they have the skills necessary to make the home look its best.

Vertical And Horizontal Lines In The Photos Should Be Straight

The use of wide-angle lenses in interior photography is very widespread; they allow more of the interior space to be shown to the viewer while at the same time making the room appear larger than it really is. Both of these factors are desirable if you are trying to get the best price for a home on the market. However, the use of wide-angle lenses creates problems that need to be dealt with by a skilled interior photographer. Vertical lines such as the edges of fireplaces or interior walls tend to become distorted, especially around the edges of the photo. Horizontal lines can also appear bent or bowed near the edges; this often happens when crown moulding is in the shot. Lines that aren't perfectly straight are unsettling to potential buyers. A skilled photographer will set the scene so that all lines in the photo remain straight while still allowing use of a wide-angle lens to maximize the amount of space shown in the shot by changing the height of the camera and changing the angle of the shot.

Furniture Is Arranged To Guide The Viewer's Eyes And Does Not Block The Visual Space

When it comes to shooting interior spaces, furniture needs to be arranged according to the position of the camera rather than how it would be positioned in normal day-to-day living. If the layout of your home has been designed by a professional interior designer, you may wish to have him or her present during the interior photography session; furniture will have to be re-arranged and design elements may have to be moved. A skilled interior photographer needs architectural and interior design sense to re-create the intent of the original design while moving all of its components around to suit the needs of the shot. Some design elements may have to be removed to avoid making the shot too cluttered; decorations such as table centerpieces can draw too much of the viewer's attention and take attention away from the rest of the design.

Lighting Is Natural And Even With No Window Flares Or Reflection

One of the reasons why interior photography is so difficult compared to other forms of photography is that an interior photographer will be working in a space with many windows and reflective surfaces. Taking photos during daylight commonly leads to window flare; instead of being able to see what is beyond the window, they will only see bright white light. Skilled interior photographers can avoid this by shooting during dawn or dusk. Reflective surfaces also present a challenge to photographers; for example, bathroom photography may involve mirrors, glossy counter surfaces and glass shower doors. The bright lighting used in photography can create a lot of unwanted glare in these conditions, and reflections of photography equipment may be visible in the final shot. A photographer with experience in post-processing can remove these issues by editing images on a computer after the shot is taken.

Since interior photography is a difficult art-form requiring experience in interior design and architecture in addition to photography itself, it's important to select a very skilled interior photographer to take shots of your home. Make sure that you request a portfolio of prior interior photography work to accurately evaluate the photographer's level of skill and attention to detail. Contact a company, like Ryno Photography, for more help.