Smile! 4 Tips To Have An Engagement Photo Shoot You'll Love Even If You're Shy

Posted on: 8 November 2017

Your engagement photo shoot is one of the first steps on your road to the wedding ceremony. But if you haven't done many photo shoots before, it can also be a little intimidating. To help you create the best experience you can, here are 4 engagement photography tips.

Find the Right Photographer. You need to feel comfortable and in sync with a photographer in order to open yourself up to them. And if you're not normally outgoing or expressive, it's even more important to find someone who can help lead you to the best results. So, don't rush the process of meeting with photographers just to meet a deadline. Sit down and talk with them about your concerns, view their portfolios, and get recommendations from other couples.

Dress to Feel Great. There's no particular dress code for engagement photography, but you should choose clothing that both expresses your personality and brings out your best. Solid colors are usually a good choice, and you may want to avoid distracting patterns or logos (unless there's a specific connection). No matter whether you prefer formal wear or country chic, look for comfortable clothing that photographs well and fits your skin tone. Rather than carrying around too many extra clothes, opt for a few small changes, such as adding a sweater or changing your shirt during the shoot. 

Relax. The more relaxed you feel, the more natural beauty will come out. Start by avoiding the temptation to squeeze your engagement photo shoot in between other errands. Make it a fun, romantic day with your fiancĂ© so you can focus on why you love each other. Many couples find that chatting with each other during the photo shoot or telling the photographer a sweet anecdote helps both people relax. 

Pick a Good Location. The photo shoot venue can help make you feel comfortable and tell your story visually. You may want to choose a location with a special connection for either partner or for you both as a couple. Some couples like to visit one or two spots where relationship milestones occurred. Or look for a backdrop that provides many versatile angles and fits your overall style or personality, such as a flowering park, modern city center, or historical building. Give your photographer lots of options to find ways to bring you out at your best. 

By finding a photographer with whom you mesh well and knowing how to approach the look and feel of your engagement photos, you can design a day that will yield fond memories and fantastic pictures. For more information and ideas, contact different photography studios in your area, such as Matchstick Creative.