Working With Your Wedding Photography: Feeling Comfortable On Your Wedding Day

Posted on: 18 April 2017

When you are getting married, there are so many details to plan. As you choose your vendors, one of the most important people you are going to hire for your wedding day is your wedding photographer. You are going to spend a lot of time on your wedding day with your photographer, and you'll want to feel comfortable with the person you choose to document your big day. As you look through portfolios of the photographers you are interested in, consider the questions you'll ask when you meet the first time. Once you narrow down your search to two or three photographers, there are a number of questions you can ask to help you feel better about the person you choose as your wedding or family photographer.

How Many Weddings Have Your Photographed?

If budget is a big factor for you, it's possible that you are interviewing a photographer who is incredibly inexpensive. This can also mean that the photographer has almost no experience shooting weddings. If your wedding is small, or if you are comfortable taking a chance after reviewing the photographer's portfolio, you should feel confident asking how many weddings the photographer has experienced.

I Love Pinterest, Can I Show You My Ideas?

While many wedding photographers have their own style or ideas how your wedding day should be photographed, most will accept input from the couple getting married. If you are actively searching Pinterest for wedding photo ideas, share this with the wedding photographer you are interviewing. If the photographer isn't willing to work with your ideas, then you know this isn't the photographer for you.

Do You Offer Engagement Sessions?

Engagement sessions are a great way for you and your photographer to get to know one another better. If your engagement session is uncomfortable, you'll know that you probably don't want to work with the photographer on your wedding day.

As you prepare your wedding day, talk with the photographer you hire about the images you are hoping to capture. Some brides and grooms like more candid shots, while others want to make sure that every single detail is documented. While you can know what you want, remember that a photographer is going to spend the day capturing moments that are spontaneous. As a couple, you may do a session of portraits with your bridal party, and then the rest of the night celebrate while your photographer captures images of all the fun.