Three Cool Alternatives To The Old Fashioned Department Store Baby Portrait

Posted on: 26 December 2016

If you have a newborn and you are looking to get a nice, professional portrait done, then you might have memories of your own parents taking you to a department store to get a photo taken. While that is still an option, you do have other methods of getting a portrait done of your newborn. Below are three suggestions you can consider.

Old Time Photography Studio

If you're looking for a fun change of pace from the traditional studio portrait, then consider a photo studio that has an "old time" staging area. These studios will let you and your newborn pose in scenes that look like they are right out of the old west. You and your significant other can also dress up like cowboys and cowgirls (or saloon girls). The photos will be tinted a beautiful sepia color. The photographer will have lots of props to use, including the old saloon backdrop, cowboy hats, parasols and pistols.

An Oil Painting

An interesting alternative to a photo would be a really beautiful oil painting. You don't even have to sit for the artist. In many cases, you don't even have to meet with them in person. You can send the photos of your newborn, yourself and your husband/wife to the artist and describe the type of painting you would like, perhaps by referencing famous artwork. Make sure to see examples of the painters other work, you don't want someone who paints in the style of Picasso (or some other cubist) to produce a portrait for you if you are looking for something more along the lines of Norman Rockwell.

A Professional Photo Shoot In Your Own Home

Of course, you might want a real photo and not an oil painting, but also not be too keen on a "old time" cowboy themed photo. So, a great solution to that is to hire a professional newborn photographer to come to your home and shoot the photo in your own space. This has several advantages: your child will be much more relaxed and comfortable in your own home. Bringing them to a studio will create undue tension.

When you speak with the photographer, ask them about what they will bring to the house. Most photographers will bring along lights, but you might also want to ask about backdrops. The photographer might think that because you are having the shoot in your home, you want your house or property prominently featured. This might be the case; you might want to have the photo shoot in your library, or outside on the patio. But, don't' forget that you can also ask them to bring large backdrops that can be placed against a wall. This will give you the "studio" look, but without having to travel to the studio.

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