3 Fun and Unusual Photo-Booth Ideas for a Holiday Party

Posted on: 15 December 2016

A photo booth is a totally fun way to liven up any holiday party. In the age of selfies, a photo-booth locale can be more relevant than ever. It encourages guests to take and share fun photographs of your party that can help them remember the joy of it for years to come. Photo booths can also help guests loosen up and relax. After all, the laughs a photo booth can provide can keep resurfacing all night. Here are some fun ideas to make a photo booth really stand out at your next festive gathering.

Idea #1: Props for All Winter Holidays

Although Christmas props of Santa and his elves are fun, they are also expected at a holiday party. You should include Christmas-themed props for sure, but also expend by including props for all winter holidays. This should include Hanukkah, Kwanza, and the winter solstice. Other lesser-known winter holidays include Eat a Red Apple Day, National Cotton Candy Day, National Pastry Day, Violin Day, Bill of Rights Day, and National Lemon Cupcake Day. Include fun props for other winter holidays with a bit of info about the holiday written near or on the back of the prop that coordinates with it.

Idea #2: New Year's Resolution Photo-Booth Fun

Everybody wants to start making life changes as January 1 approaches. Making New Year's resolutions is a tradition that few want to abandon even if they never keep the resolutions beyond the first couple of days of each year. Have some fun with resolutions by having a variety of resolution props. Decorate a few dry-erase boards with resolution-themed decorations, and then leave room for people to write what their resolution is for the new year. By having a photo with their resolution, guests may be inspired to keep it, or at least they can look back and laugh at what their resolution was. This photo-booth option can be a great conversation-starter among guests.

Idea #3: Bad Santa Display

Why not play up a fun and forbidden aspect of Christmas at a holiday party for adults? Everyone knows that Santa Claus leaves coal to bad girls and boys, but he may do the same for misbehaving adults with just the right props and display. You can create a naughty-list backdrop that has a rotating list of who has been bad this year. Include the names of each of your guests in this just for fun, and then bring each guest's name to the center when it's that guest's turn for a photograph. Include props like coal to hold as well as word props that say things like "Top of the Naughty List," and other fun things that may indicate someone hasn't been so good this year. Get as daring with the props as you think your guests will enjoy.

Finally, keep in mind that a photo booth can transform an ordinary party into a party that's extraordinary. It can create connections among guests who get in photos with perfect strangers and come up with creative ideas for shots. Try out these photo-booth ideas at your next holiday party by renting a photo booth from a company such as LA Events, and throw in a few of your own. When you do so, be prepared to enjoy a great night with your guests.